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As a science writer and editor based in NYC, I make sense of the world for fun and profit.

Assistant News Editor at Scientific American; formerly Associate Editor at My work has been featured by IEEE Spectrum, Quanta Magazine, The Scientist, Science Friday, WGBH's Inside NOVA, and Johns Hopkins Medicine Magazine.

I've put together interactive data visualizations, talked news on live TV, fact-checked, copyedited, programmed in Python, covered rocket launches, and led an improv comedy group. Super shiny resume here, and my Twitter feed is here.

Email me: saraholewin (at) gmail or sarah.frasier (at) sciam.

Med Science

I sometimes do things!

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Scientific American (Infographic)

dots article Sarah Lewin

Antibody Tests Have a Mathematical Pitfall

Screening test accuracy depends strongly on infection rate.

manhattan article Sarah Lewin

In 1925, Observers Lined Manhattan

They were there to measure a total solar eclipse.

stuff article Sarah Lewin

Making Stuff in Space

Off-Earth manufacturing is just getting started.

cat article Sarah Lewin

Massive Space Structures + Quantum Mech

The two have a surprising connection.

eclipse article Sarah Lewin

Things I Used to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse

Very scientifically rated.

density article Sarah Lewin

Alien Planets Reveal Clues to Stars' Insides

A new analysis uses alien worlds' orbital treks to peek inside their stars.

record article Sarah Lewin

Dear E.T.

The math on Voyager's Golden Record tells a story.

laser article Sarah Lewin

Alien Ice Formed in a (Laser) Flash

Researchers created a superdense version of ice found deep within icy moons and colliding comets.

lux article Sarah Lewin

Dark Matter Still a Mystery

The incredibly sensitive LUX dark-matter detector, buried under a mile of rock, has come up empty once again.

pokemon article Sarah Lewin

What Would It Be Like to Play 'Pokemon Go' in Space? had just one big question about the pastime.

equation article Sarah Lewin

New Equation Tallies Odds of Life Beginning

A new equation lays out exactly how overwhelming the odds of life's emergence.

Yahoo News (via

spacewalk article Sarah Lewin

Astronauts Rescue Space Station Railcar

Two space station crewmembers took a surprise spacewalk today.

martian article Sarah Lewin

Does 'The Martian' Movie Do the Book Justice? Yes. Yes, It Does.

We explore how the space survival flick measures up.

ice article Sarah Lewin

Ice Lab Plays it Cool for Pluto Flyby

An Arizona ice lab coaxes crystal-clear ice from mixes of methane, nitrogen and even carbon monoxide.

aurora article Sarah Lewin

Going Interstellar: Q&A With 'Aurora' Author Kim Stanley Robinson

On space travel and humanity's destiny.

Scientific American

resistance article Sarah Lewin

Steering Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance

A "time machine" algorithm, backed by experimental data, reveals how to cycle drugs to reverse resistance.

Scientific American

CSI article Sarah Lewin

CSI: Aliens

Astronomers prep to detect cryptic exoplanet biosignals.

Quanta Magazine

wrinkle article Sarah Lewin

A Grand Theory of Wrinkles

Collaboration between engineers and mathematicians has revealed universal rules for how wrinkles form.

IEEE Spectrum

drip article Sarah Lewin

Quick Fix: DIY Water Leak Detector

Pair the Nanospark with an iPhone to create a smart microcontroller.

Scientific American

beans article Sarah Lewin

30 Heat-Tolerant Strains of Bean Identified

Beans that beat the heat do more than protect food security; they could even expand into new territories.

Scientific American (infographic)

tree visualization Sarah Lewin

A Genetic Guide to Birds

In the most thorough genomic investigation to date, some birds perch on new branches. Art: Jen Christiansen

Scientific American

eggs article Sarah Lewin

Unboiled Egg Untangles Knotty Protein Prob

A new machine could help biotech with a faster, cheaper way to purify proteins.

Science Friday

calculator article Sarah Lewin

Peek Inside a Mechanical Calculator

Weighing in at 40 pounds, this machine was among the most powerful - and the most difficult.

Science Friday

mummy article Sarah Lewin

Gift of the Mummy

A patient more than 3,000 years old takes a turn through a CT scanner.

IEEE Spectrum

stethoscope article Sarah Lewin

Microwave Stethoscope Lets Physicians Peer Into the Lungs

A stick-on sensor can measure vital signs and lung fluid.

IEEE Spectrum

lights article Sarah Lewin

LEDs Bring New Light to Car-to-Car Comm

Signals transmitted by LEDs will help vehicles cooperate and avoid crashes.

IEEE Spectrum

candy article Sarah Lewin

Your Candy Wrappers are Listening

Visual microphone reconstructs nearby sound from silent videos of ordinary objects.


results article Sarah Lewin

What does my positive test result mean?

Here's what the answer says, statistically speaking. (An interactive display.)

IEEE Spectrum

chip article Sarah Lewin

How to Catch a Memory Copycat

In the competitive world of memory chip manufacture, how do you find a fraud?


challenge article Sarah Lewin

The Ultimate Environmental Challenge

If you want people to conserve, you're going to have to

IEEE Spectrum

cardboard article Sarah Lewin

Google's Cardboard Virtual Reality Kit

Google debuts minimalist virtual reality and lets you build your own from a pizza box.

Scienceline (infographic)

guide infographic Sarah Lewin

Planet-hunter's guide to the galaxy

IEEE Spectrum

hologram article Sarah Lewin

Holographic Displays Come to Smartphones

Light-field displays for mobile devices might be only a year away.


think article Sarah Lewin

Thinking machines?

A Turing test doesn't measure a computer's intelligence, but it does say something about its usefulness.


clouds article Sarah Lewin

Written in the clouds

Cargo ships and weather balloons - no one said MAGIC was easy.

The Scientist

feature tuning article Sarah Lewin

A face to remember

MIT group's 'feature tuning' algorithm can make your profile more (or less) memorable.

Scientific American (infographic)

tree visualization Sarah Lewin

A Genetic Guide to Birds

In the most thorough genomic investigation to date, some birds perch on new branches. Art: Jen Christiansen

Scienceline (video)

fly's-eye video Sarah Lewin

Close up: Fly's Eye Photography

Artist M. Henry Jones turns lenses and lighting into 3D portraits that really pop. With Joshua A. Krisch

aurora article Sarah Lewin

Going Interstellar: Q&A With 'Aurora' Author Kim Stanley Robinson

On space travel and humanity's destiny.


space photo article Sarah Lewin

Science and art collide in space images

What are we really seeing when we look at photos of planets and stars?


mangrove article Sarah Lewin

Florida's extraordinary mangroves

'Walking trees' guard the shores of Florida and thrive in the salty water.

Vector (Boston Children's Hospital)

lazy-eye article Sarah Lewin

From discovery to trial

A drug that may correct 'lazy eye.'

Inside NOVA

code article Sarah Lewin

Encryptions Past, Present, and Future

Four-part series on cryptography.
(WGBH's NOVA blog lost to time and space; here's a PDF)

Inside NOVA

swarm article Sarah Lewin

Adventures in swarm robotics

Harvard's thousand-robot army is almost complete.
(WGBH's NOVA blog lost to time and space; here's a PDF)

Brown Daily Herald

love article Sarah Lewin

Brain patterns of passion revealed

Love may be in the air, but it is also in your brainwaves.

All Your Screens

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